Viacoin Hires Peter Todd

I am pleased to announce that Peter Todd has joined the project as Chief Scientist and Advisor to the Viacoin / ClearingHouse project.

Peter needs little introduction: He is a Bitcoin Core developer and innovator in the decentralized digital currency space. He invented Tree Chains and Stealth Addresses in their current form, contributing a lot of the technology used in Dark Wallet and has worked closely with Colored Coins, MasterCoin, Counterparty and is advisor to Coinkite.

Peter will devote at least 50% of his time to the Viacoin project. His main remit will be to develop Tree Chains, a revolutionary invention that could have epic implications in the digital currency space. Tree Chains could solve the centralized mining problem faced by digital currencies and enable sidechains as well as cross chain token transfers.

I believe by funding Tree Chain development, it will greatly contribute toward the public good. Decentralized consensus systems have the potential to change everything in the world of finance, identity/reputation, through to democracy itself bringing fairness and transparency in its wake.

Viacoin is the first digital currency to launch blockchain 2.0 technology on an altchain whereas all previous efforts have focused on leveraging the bitcoin blockchain. However, those attempts to use bitcoin been fraught with technical and political challenges because so far Bitcoin developers have considered those uses as spam and have taken technical measures to prevent them.

The Viacoin blockchain is designed to be a store of value for viacoins, and to enable protocols to build applications on top of the blockchain. Viacoin’s flagship protocol will be ClearingHouse, based on proven Counterparty technology and innovating from there.

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